I suppose peplums are too obvious of a choice for a Parisian runway recap, but let me be obvious for a second since I haven’t talked about them yet. I think most appreciate the frilly, girly element, but I actually like them when they appear to be a little on the aggressive side. 
The one by Lanvin is probably the softest one, but there is some toughness to it. It looks stern, like a tough, fast-talking 1940s black and white movie gal, only with the added softness of that soft teal fabric (cashmere?). You already know how much I love Alber Elbaz — he is invincible at this moment.
Haider Ackermann
Haider Ackermann is a draping master, and his version of a peplum reminds me of a Japanese kimono with the multiple folds in the back. I love the combination of round shoulders, poofy sleeves, and the textured golden peplum. 
Dries Van Noten
I’m not sure if this ruffle qualifies as a peplum, since it doesn’t appear to be seperately constructed, but the visual message is pretty much the same. It’s impeccably tailored, and I think this may be the only peplum with little pockets.
This futuristic, metallic peplum definitely does not fall in the girly territory. Although kind of spacey, the jacket and pants combo looks super professional — it probably helps that the model is totting around that giant leather binder. 

Here is yet another peplum-like shape. I guess it’s two separate, very rigid side peplums (I’m sure there is a name for them that’s escaping me right now). This Hakaan dress sort of has that warrior quality to it. It’s tough, but also somewhat sweet — I would love to see it on the red carpet.  

Thoughts on peplums? Have you tried this silhouette yet?

Images courtesy of style.com