Chanel Spring 2012 Couture
Karl Lagerfeld used 154 shades of blue in his Spring 2012 couture collection, all of which would make for gorgeous nail polish shades. Chanel settled on an icy blue shimmery hue for their twice yearly couture polish release. The only bad thing: it’s not in stores until June. 
Butter ‘Lady Muck’ ($17 at Beautymark)
Get your fix now with this cool blue from Butter, featuring just the right amount of pearl pigment.
Zoya ‘Kristen’ ($9 at Spa Boutique)
And if you are looking for a similar shade in a powdery pastel, then you’ll find Zoya’s Kristen to be that ideal frothy, greyish, baby blue hue.

Jacob ‘Urban Preppy’ ($6 at Jacob)
Here is yet another stellar colour from Jacob (remember that amazing graphite from fall?), a very pale cement-like take on the pastel blue. 

Out of hundreds of blue shades, does this icy blue appeal to you?

Chanel images courtesy of Chanel.