Derek Lam S/S 2012

Continuing on from last week’s epic eyebrow retrospective post, I wanted to talk about a couple of products that eased my brow growing pains. Nothing masks a mess like some brow gel and a little bit of filler.
Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit ($31 at Spa Boutique)
There are two kinds of brow filler: a powder and a pencil. I personally prefer the powder form since I lack the delicate touch required with a pencil. This Bitty Brow Kit by Jane Iredale proved itself to be super handy during the growth process, allowing me to comb and style the brow with the brush and the gel, followed by a light fill using its mineral colour. It’s available in two shades: light and dark.
Benefit Instant Brow Pencil ($25 at Benefit)
Those with pencil talents might want to invest in this Benefit pencil, with a handy brush on the other end. This one comes in three shades, from very light to a rich brown. 

MAC Brow Set ($18 at MAC)
Some might prefer to simply use let the brows stay in their natural glory (as I do on most days), but some clear brow gel should keep all the hairs in place. A makeup artist used this MAC one on me the other day and I was really impressed by its lightness — it didn’t feel sticky at all. 
Finally, some of you have left comments describing your brow growing woes and the benefits of using hair growth accelerators. While I didn’t need one, I love hearing about this stuff and it’s super helpful information for everyone going through the growing ordeal. So if you have used a hair growth accelerator with success, please tell me about your experience — I’ll make sure to post it. You can comment below or email me