Call it a Christmas miracle, or a fashion fantasy come true, but it appears that, at least on paper, my style icon Daphne Guinness and I have become very close. The supreme priestess of haute couture has recently co-authored a book, Daphne Guinness, with another role model of mine, Valerie Steelethe imitable fashion historian and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 
So what’s the miracle, you ask? In her introduction, Steele quotes fashion greats like Tom Ford, Valentino Garavani, Karl Lagerfeld, and yours truly. That’s right: me. The quote is pulled from Style Icon: Daphne Guinness, a post I wrote almost two years ago, when about five people read my blog. It’s one of my all-time favourites, not just because Daphne’s clothes are astounding, but because it’s almost written like a silly love letter — I must have woken up extra couture-giddy that day. 

Here’s the excerpt: 
An icon was originally an image of a sacred person worshipped by his or her followers. There is undeniably an element of enthusiasm boarding on worship in the popular response to celebrities. Consider the blog referring to “style-icon-daphne-guinness”: “There are normal people and there is Daphne Guinness. Ms. Guinness is the ultimate fashion fantasy where everyone wears couture 24/7 and has ridiculously perfect bone structure. I like this world and therefore I love Daphne.” She also proudly sites Vanity Fair journalist A.A. Gill, who argued that “[Daphne Guinness] has never had a look, never once, never remotely, that was anyone’s but her very own.” -Valerie Steele, Daphne Guinness
The idea of Daphne Guinness and Valerie Steele visiting my blog is insane enough as it is, let alone the idea of them choosing (or even discussing) my quote from thousands of others. Mind-boggling.
Daphne Guinness by Valerie Steele and Daphne Guinness (Published by Yale University, my former, albeit brief, alma matter.)