If I could write a love poem about a beauty product, Touche Éclat would be its subject. But I’m no poet, so I’ll spare you the embarrassment of having to read that. 
Despite its cult status, I’ve avoided buying Touche Éclat due to its steep price. However, this magical little pen has been in the news recently for celebrating its 20th birthday, so there was no way of escaping it. I finally caved and shelled out $50 for it, and… my life changed. 
Touche Éclat is brightening cream — it is not a concealer — and it does everything it promises to. It brightens and highlights the spots that need a little lift. For example, all my life, no matter how rested I am, I’ve struggled with the worst dark circles. My concealer does cover them up, but layering Touche Éclat on top of the concealer brings life into my eyes (here’s the bad poetry I was taking about). Beyond just camouflaging the stubborn circles, I extend the “light” over to the edge of my cheekbones, under my brow bone, and I trace the line of my nose, all to very subtle but crucial effects. 
Little magical clicks… CLICK, CLICK, CLICK (cue the poetry again) and I’m forever changed. Addictive, exhilarating, sensational: Touche Éclat is my #1 beauty discovery of 2011. Here’s to our happy future together! (Dear God, make me stop.)
$50 at The Bay and Holt Renfrew.
PS. Beautygeeks’ Janine Falcon is into it (and I kind of love her too). And here’s a much better written ode to Touche Éclat courtesy of Macleans magazine.