Shoe Wednesdays: Nicholas Kirkwood Lasercut Bootie

So… I didn’t win the P&G Beauty and Grooming Award for Best Blog — the super awesome Michelle Mullins of Lipstick Rules did — but I did get a little trophy of sorts: these shoes. They were easily justifiable: 1) if I won (and there was a 33% chance), I would have to share the stage with Kim Cattrall (c’mon!) and I needed truly great shoes; 2) if I lost (which I did), at least I’d have the coolest shoes in the room (which I also did); 3) I did win that Canadian Online Publishing Award last week, so I deserved a little prize anyways; and 4) please, it’s Nicholas Kirkwood and I’ve done this splurge before, exactly a year ago. 
A version of them has been sitting on my blog since June, in the form of a little illustration on the right hand side. Yes, I did the drawing and it was a pleasure: the violent looking platform, the skinny heel, the sharp angular lines. Surprise, surprise: it’s almost, sort of, comfortable (well, I survived the night). 
$1370 at The Room at The Bay. American readers, head on over to Barneys.

PS. I feel like this is a rare “If I Were Rich, I Would Buy” post come to life.

  • Amy

    OMG 🙂

  • Oh, they’re great! Congratulations)

  • Well, sorry you didn’t win the award, but congratulations on the shoes! Those are insanely hot, I’m so impressed.

  • I NEED these. They are phenomenal. Way better than winning first place.

  • congratulations! that’s awesome anya! and if those are a ‘consolation’ prize of sorts – i would say you won anyway.

  • I love the way your rationalization process works. Anyway, you’ve worked so hard and racked up so many successes. You deserve a treat!

  • These shoes are absolutely stunning! I love the combination of the blue and black, and the short laces. Gorgeous!

    A “Thing To Wear”

  • Bit delayed, but these shoes looked crazy, ridiculously amazing on you in person. Definitely a good pick!