My love for Tina Chow is immense, but you already know this (see Style Icon: Tina Chow). In fact, I consider her one of my all-time fashion inspirations.
Whenever I’m vintage shopping, I’m always secretly hoping that I will by some unbelievable chance come across something by Tina Chow. I also dream that when I find it, the person selling it will have no idea of its actual worth and it will be a steal (I dream about a lot of things). But the fact is that they are so incredibly rare, I’ve never actually come across one in person, or even online. NYC-based Rare Vintage posted some back in the summer, priceless of course. No, I didn’t click on the “purchase inquiry” link. I knew they would be way over my budget.
Healing crystals and chakra balancing aside, the object itself is so beautiful. I have a weakness for weaving — my graduate school master thesis was partially about weaving. And this little bamboo basket was crafted by famous Japanese basketmaker Kosuge Shockikudo (he also collaborated with Issey Miyake back in the 80s). The basket itself is delicate and precious, while the crystal is sharp and powerful. Of course, no one could ever wear it like Tina Chow (well, topless here), but one could dream.
Sold and priceless (I’d guess around $2,000) at