I’m trying so hard to care about Serena/Charlie/Nate/The Spectator, it’s exhausting. But I guess what’s good is that they’ve brought back Gossip Girl as an actual plot line (I did enjoy her headline: “Nate Archibald’s cougar and her cub in pride war.”), because for a while (probably since Jenny left), she didn’t really do much. Are we ever going to find out who she is? Wouldn’t it be funny if it was, like, Rufus?  

Vena Cava tank top
Rodarte skirt
Brian Atwood shoes
Siman Tu necklace
Stephen Dweck ring
Most adults have long checked out of this show. I actually enjoyed Lily’s story lines, especially the ones involving Chuck and Bass Industries. Now she just eats waffles, like all the time. Also, why is Lily (who presumably is a CEO of a major company and Manhattan royalty) letting her daughter drop out of school, work for a sketchy Hollywood producer, all to end up as a blogger for a sleezy gossip magazine? Blair tells Serena: “I always thought you were too good to blog.” This is true. Blogging is for pedestrians, like me. 
Serena did turn up the glam for that weird masked play event thing (seriously, do these things exist?). Loved the incredibly shiny dress, big hair, big earrings — Serena at her best. What do we think of the whole Cousin Charlie/cute chef/Serena love triangle? I’m going to enjoy seeing Cousin Charlie/Ivy sweat, desperately trying to keep up with the lies. Although I don’t understand it: why is she doing this again? And, more importantly, when is the real Cousin Charlie going to make an appearance? Must be soon, otherwise what’s the point? And what the heck is Nate’s grandfather up to? What are his plans for Serena?
Roger Vivier ‘Diligence’ satchel 
Roger Vivier cuff
3.1 Phillip Lim ‘Calder’ t-strap pumps (was my Item of the Week)

Then, on a completely different show, we have Blair and Chuck playing a game of cat and mouse, for like a millionth time. Listen, Blair: no matter how much Chuck changes, he’ll always want to get into your pants. Where is this going? Where are the royals? I do very much approve of Blair’s ensemble here and her newly founded affinity for fascinators. Fascinators = the new headbands. And very royal indeed.
Next week, Dan returns from his failed book tour (how did this happen?) and pretty much becomes the new Chuck.  
You know you love me. 
It Girl

PS. On Blair’s “Old and New Chuck” Venn Diagram: “Russians,” “cheap liquor,” and “200-thread count.” No way Chuck would ever do a 200-thread count — that’s rather barbaric.