Gossip Girl “All the Pretty Sources” Fashion Round-Up

Okay, that was so good! The writers pulled it together for at least one episode and delivered something that almost echoed the magic of the Constance Billard days. Great dialogue, a slew of priceless, snarky one-liners, and, most importantly, magnificent clothes! 
We finally saw Blair and Serena return to their old friendship, and we saw the beginning of a new one: Dan and Chuck’s. Although, oddly, they’ve always kind of had a mutual respect for each other… or enough intrigue on Dan’s end of things to write the Charlie Trout New Yorker story. The two of them together are magical: both young, brilliant, and disillusioned. I could use a whole episode of pot, room service, and The Matrix Trilogy — interestingly, it was also one of the most age-appropriate moments on the show yet.

L’Agence dress
Sequin necklace
Dolce & Gabbana pumps
The girls’ storyline was just as magnificent, although definitely more PG rated. Serena might want to look into a “Professional Party Planner” career path, because the Tiffany’s-themed party she threw was amazing. Did you see all the goodies in the gift bags? Dior and Emily Post, so Blair. I also loved that she persuaded Blair’s minions to go along with the pretense of a blue collared affair. “Casual? Jeans? Evite?” Oh, the horror!

Mary Katrantzou’s S/S 2011 dress
Auden necklace
Roberto Coin and Lulu Frost rings
Christian Louboutin ‘Winter Trash’ pumps

Serena’s Mary Katrantzou dress was a dream. A beautiful rococo dream (I want my own Tiffany’s box to stand on). Of course, her amazing party was interrupted by The Spectator Gossip Girl source blast. Serena is surprised that she sent like “like 1,000 e-mails” to Gossip Girl. Doesn’t this automatically make her Spectator blog defunct? I mean the whole premise of it is based on the no-one-really-knows-who-I-am shtick. 

Christian Dior F/W 2008 dress
Tzen Earrings

Blair, on the other hand, sent twice as many. But that doesn’t surprise us. What is surprising, however, is The Prince’s efficient knowledge of blogging software (please!) and his decision to upload the scandalous information. The good thing, of course, is a window of opportunity for Chuck (or even Dan) to weasel his way into her good graces. Let’s wrap this Royal affair up, writers! As for the dress? So gorgeous. The bow! The embellishments! The colour! (And the very convenient concealment of the elusive “baby bump”– should she be showing by now? Ugh.)
What else? Oh, yes: Cousin Charlie. How does she keep getting away with this? I hear Grandma Cece is about to give family Rhodes a visit for the holidays. Does she even know what her granddaughter looks like? And speaking of grandchildren, why is grandpa Archibald so keen on “making over” Nate’s image? He’s like 20. And instead of being in college, he’s now editor-in-chief of a novelty gossip site masquerading as a magazine. What a wonderful career choice.
You know you love me.
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  • Amy

    The clothes were AMAZING this episode. I also love Dan & Chuck.

    What’s going to happen with the Prince? Have you seen Blair’s wedding dress (kind of boring)?

  • I adored last night’s episode! Chuck is SO back in the game! Also, I found B’s hair and makeup flawless last night.

  • I just watched it. You were right–it was amazing! Loved Serena and Blair’s shower dresses, and loved the fact that all the guys are still in love with Blair. The closing scene when Blair looks for Chuck is great too. With Louis “self-destructing,” as Blair puts it, it looks like our reformed bow tie-wearing bad boy has a chance.

  • Finally a good episode! I couldn’t agree more. Definitely loved the Tiffany-themed party, but I actually thought Blair would have assumed that they would try to throw her off instead of believing the whole facade (maybe her hormones were throwing her off instead), but either way, they pulled it off, and I loved it when Lily mentioned shaved ice dessert with the flavour “tutti frutti” – priceless.

    Yes, the dresses were gorgeous. I really loved Blair’s lip colour with the Dior dress, it looked especially vibrant, like a tangerine.

    The Prince is annoying. He acts like an old fuddy duddy. No fun. And then when he tries to be all sneaky and underhanded, it comes off as him trying too hard and failing miserably.

    I was wondering the same thing about Charlie, she can’t possibly be smart enough to have gotten away with this for as long as she has. I’m curious as to what Max’s plan of action is, especially with Serena and half a million dollars.

    I also want to know what the connection is between Nate’s grandfather and Diana. Well, whatever the case may be, hopefully next week’s episode will have amazing clothes and a story line to match.

    Great post, as always 🙂

  • Giorgio Moroser

    I really want Gossip Girl to turn out to be Skylab from the Terminator movies.

  • I was thrilled with last nights episode- a few things. A) Serena successfully rocks a dress with non-boobage. I agree, the dress was just perfection, bravo to her. B) what was even more perfect was Blair’s Dior dress. Fml I need that exact one. I think I would run into traffic for that dress.
    I agree that the royal wedding needs to wrap itself up quickly. I will die if it actually is Louis baby. It truly cannot be, the writers must be saving something, and if they aren’t then I say epic fail on their half- Louis is tres boring.
    I really am waiting for something to happen in order for shit to truly hit the fan. I would love to lose sleep over the plot of the show and not just the dresses and tiffany party (*le sigh* I have a tube of pringles next to me in the same shade as their boxes, do you think Blair would approve? =P)
    Great post as always.

  • Amy,

    Yeah, Blair’s strapless wedding gown is a big bore — I hope it’s a nightmare sequence or something…

  • Nicole,

    “He acts like an old fuddy duddy.” YES.

  • Haha! See you tonight dear!