I’m always thrilled when new products arrive at my desk., especially ones formulated with ingredients I haven’t previously tried. Colorado-based Pangea provided an immediate sense of intrigue, from its slick branding to its penchant for a slew of unexpected ingredients. We’re talking beans, pine, willow—the good stuff we tend to overlook. 
The first hero product is the Facial Scrub, formulated with Egyptian Geranium, Adzuki Bean and Cranberry. It’s coarse, but gentle enough to use daily. Cranberry (as with all berries) is well-known for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties, and for its ability to fight sebumvery beneficial for oily complexions. Then we have Adzuki Bean, which is a new one for me, beauty-wise, but it’s been touted as a Japanese beauty secret for centuries now as a powerful exfoliant (raw and ground-up). This scrub does a wonderful job, leaving skin silky smooth.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that the Facial Mask is Pangea’s best seller. Its main ingredient is Japanese Matcha Tea and we’ve all heard of the benefits of consuming green tea in every way possible. I’m sure everyone has at one point or another been exposed to some type of a green tea mask. This one also has some clay, some algae (been fascinated with this for a while), essential oils, and the all-powerful Acai and Goji berries (superfruits!). As expected, it smells very green, almost ocean or forest-like—very soothing. Twenty minutes later: glowing, refreshed skin. The best result, of course, occurs when used togethera triumphant duo.
Pangea is available across Canada. Visit www.pangeaorganicscanada.com to view the complete list of retailers.