Beauty Fridays: Gold & Glitter

Essie ‘Golden Nuggets’ ($10 at Beautymark)
Deborah Lippmann ‘Nefretiti’ ($20 at Beautymark & Holt Renfrew)
Butter ‘West End Wonderland'($20 at Beautymark)
OPI The Muppets Collection ‘Warm & Fozzie'($10.95 at OPI retailers)

The gold glitter season starts now (or actually, last week). It’s a small window of opportunity, lasting only about six weeks before the holidays — any longer, and it can get a tad bit tacky. Other than being glistening and party-loving, a great thing about glitter polishes is that they seem to last forever. I like my glitter to be a bit more subtle: just a little hint is all it’s needed. Here are four shades, ranging from pure gold to more of a golden bronze. And one of them is the brainchild of Fozzie Bear, the most popular in the Muppets’ line (I bet you Miss Piggy is pissed).
Any personal golden favourites?
  • I’m putting chanel graphite on my nails right now, but I guess that’s not really gold gold. I think I’d have to go with the gold flakes as my favorite rather than a solid, like here:

    or over red, or black… mmmm… sparkle…

  • With the glitter and sparkle craze this season I think it’s ok to wear glitters also outside that 6-week period. At least on your fingertips!

    I like all four polishes, but I must say that the “Warm & Fozzie” is my favorite.

  • Nomadic D.,

    While I think flakey ones can look great, I don’t like the bumpy texture — I always end up snagging my shirts, haha.

  • Jen

    I used West End Wonderland last Christmas and loved it – only it was a pain to take off. Oh well, still pretty! I’m trying out dark grey sparkles (I Love The Nightlife by Deborah Lippmann) this year!

    It was good to briefly see you at the Joe Fresh preview; sorry I didn’t get a chance to stop for a chat!


  • dior has some great gold polishes but i really like butter and OPI too

  • I’m wearing Warm and Fozzie right now, definitely a favourite, totally into the warm metallic tones this season.

  • I always forget to come back and see what you’ve responded! Wish these blog templates had a better comment interface! I totally hear you on the texture part. The main complaint I have is trying to take it off, the feeling of the glitter bits snagging on the cotton pad gives me the heebee jeebies. I still think the gold flakes are worth it though…