Item of the Week: Joe Fresh Landscape Sweater

It’s been awhile since I featured something from Joe Fresh, a cheap and cheerful Canadian brand I adore. It was sort of a Canadian secret for awhile our answer to Uniqlo but now that Joe Fresh is set to open south of the border (in New York City to be exact), I guess we’ll have to let the secret out.
Having said that, this sweater is so wonderfully Canadian, with its overt Group of Seven resemblance. But, according to this Elle magazine article, it was actually inspired by Scottish artist Peter Doig. Although a little Cosby/Christmas sweater-y, I see it as incredibly chic when worn with a black skirt or a skinny pant. 

$79 at Joe Fresh.

  • I love it! I think the Bill Cosby/Bob Ross factor is what makes it so sweet.

  • Nomadic D.,

    Yes, the whole silliness makes it pretty wonderful 🙂

  • How I love Joe Fresh…I have to admit I’m kind of sad that it won’t be a Canadian secret anymore!

  • I remember you talking about this sweater! The bold blocks of colour are fun.

  • I have to admit I probably would’ve passed this by on my next trip to Superstore, but your post made me actually pay attention to it and now I might have to take it for a spin! I love chunky sweaters, maybe it’s time for me to venture into a nice bright printed one!

  • That’s an awesome sweater.