Thanksgiving festivities here in Canada made me remember that Gossip Girl Thanksgiving is coming up. We know it’s Blair’s favourite holiday. The famous pie (maybe with B’s dad in tow) is bound to make an appearance, but what is Blair really thankful for this year? The Prince? The baby? The impending royal title? Or is it Dan?

I’m all over this Blair/Dan thing. And Dan’s novel storyline continues to be the most engaging at the moment. I’m dying to read it! It’s nice to see Dan finally stepping out of the shadow and into the spotlight he (or his amazing “Muppet” hair) deserves. 
MCL necklace

Again, this week’s best moments belong to Blair and Dan. She looked adorable, albeit a bit too vacation-y, in floral Louis Vuitton. And then she looked stunning in that gorgeous black Jenny Packham at the gala, accompanied by the one-and-only Simon Doonan. Blair’s “Humphreys are not escort material” was, well, true. He has a tendency to eye roll at society events… although he did accompany Serena to the cotillion back in the day, much to Grandma Cece’s dismay. But now that he will be a famous (and perhaps — knowing how ridiculous this show is — Pulitzer Prize winning)  author, things might be different. Our dear Lonely Boy himself turns into a real life Gossip Girl… but with feelings.
Givenchy jacket
Siman Tu, MCL and Stephen Dweck necklaces

Then we have Serena doing god knows what… well, walking around in an incredible moss green Charlotte Olympia pumps while smothering Cousin Charlie/Poison Ivy with unnecessary attention. It occurred to me that Serena is one of those wealthy gals that always have to keep an entourage of underlings wherever she goes. Is she really that lonely? I guess everyone else is too occupied with Blair.
Oh, Lily is back! In her beautiful clothes, with her beautiful chignons. Chuck has a cute puppy. Nate is committing cell phone espionage due to his uncontrollable horniness for Liz Hurley. The plot is… moving along? No sign of the Princess and the Priest? Did Blair lie to Chuck? Is the baby his? More importantly, how are we going to resolve all this royal/baby stuff so we can see Lonely Boy get the girl… for once. 
You know you love me.
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