Sorry for the late post today — I was battling dodgy Internet connection at my hotel here in San Francisco. But the good news: Madewell is just a couple of blocks away and I’ve paid it a couple visits. 

I couldn’t resist picking up this dress since it’s an updated, longer version of one of my beloved Madewell wrap dress. Both are everyday dresses with an ability to be dressed up (maybe with some high heels and lots of jewellery) or down (with my trusty Rachel Comey ‘Mars’ boot). It was a tough decision between black and burnt sienna, but, ultimately, black was more versatile.

And I couldn’t resist also picking up the silk ‘Traveller’ tunic in olive (from last week’s post), ‘Rail Straight’ jeans in black, ‘Silk Drafters’ blouse for my friend Lisa, and ‘Mona’ pumps from J.Crew. I love shopping for basics.

$168 at Madewell.  
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