Gossip Girl is now in its fifth season and while the glorious days of Constance Billard are long gone, it’s still a pleasure to watch. While I normally prefer shows with a little more substance — Mad Men, The Wire, Breaking Bad, The Good Wife — Gossip Girl offers something no other show does: escapism into a fantasy world that is far fetched and unattainable. Yet somehow there are moments of reality that allows one to become emotionally attached to the characters. Who could forget Blair’s face after asking about Chuck’s refusal to say those “three words, eight letters”? Or Chuck’s face upon finding out his father had just passed? Or even Rufus’ face after realizing he had to let Lily go? Four years later, we are still here, escaping into the world that’s both familiar and mythical at the same time. That, dear readers, is great television. 

Currently, we have one character set to marry a Prince. She is a commoner (albeit a very wealthy one), but thanks to the recent nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, it’s not unheard of. We get to see Blair go through the many levels of Princess training (not unlike Mia Thermopolis in Princess Diaries) and we get to see her “rebel” against, well, nothing in particular. Because what do rich ladies rebel about? Fashion. And flowers, it seems. 
Let’s just say there’s no way that Blair didn’t know about the inherited dress custom: she would have researched — or would have had Dorota research — it to death. Well, her gown in the end is Theia (sorry, no picture yet) and it looked very pretty on PREGNANT Blair. But whose baby is it? The Prince’s? Chuck’s? Dan’s (did they insinuate that they did it)? 
Before we found out Blair was knocked up, we saw Blair almost walk away from her royal pursuits and into Dan’s Brooklyn loft wearing a tablecloth-y Oscar de la Renta gown. I say tablecloth-y with endearment. I like the print. It reminds me of her Zac Posen curtain dress from a couple of seasons ago. Strapless things, I’m never crazy about. And she wore another one this episode: this floral number by Christian Cota. It’s okay. A little short for a princess-to-be, no?

Catherine Malandrino gown
Azzedine Alaia platforms
Then we have Serena once again falling (with no particular set of skills) into another career, this time working in Hollywood with famed writer David Sedaris O Russell. This, I assure you, is more far fetched than marrying a Prince. I actually loved her clothes this episode. A while back, Serena traded her skin tight Herve Leger’s (she must have given them all to Elizabeth Hurley) for glamorous quasi-bohemian chic. Wearing a lot of turquoise jewellery, beachy hair and long flowy things, she epitomises California chic.

Theyskens Theory vest
MCL bracelets
Daniel Espinosa necklace
Azzedine Alaia platforms
This stunning red skirt that was my Item of the Week back in March is perfect for her new drama-free (but not for long) California life: easy and breezy. However, I must say that her new life in Hollywood does not intrigue me at all — I was actually happy when I saw Crazy Cousin Charlie (you can tell I was getting desperate for something interesting to happen).
Blue Chuck

And the boys… I don’t know how I feel about Chuck on a bike. I like my Chuck in the back of a limo. Seriously, isn’t motorbiking like so… pedestrian? Plus, the brown leather jacket is also… pedestrian. Chuck needs to be in luxe coats, smoking jackets, or Hampton-esque sweaters. Thank God that baby blue blazer came out in the end, together with: “People like me don’t write books. We get written about.” True. It’s poor Lonely Boy’s job. He also couldn’t say those “three words, eight letters.”
Until next week. You know you love me.
It Girl
PS. Did you catch the very short cameo by Jenny Lewis? Great singer and former love of Jake Gyllenhaal. Check her out.