Well, I can now cross “Get published in Flare” off my bucket list. Here it is: my first article in my favourite Canadian glossy. I’ve been reading Flare since moving to Canada as a teen. In many ways, it was my first introduction to Canadian fashion and lifestyle. Really an honour. 
The article is a quick survey on collecting vintage costume jewellery, something I’ve been extremely passionate about. It was an interest originally sparked by Mad Men, seeing all the female characters decked out in glamorous costume pieces from that era. Soon after, I met Sophie Katirai, owner of Sophie’s Closet, who educated me in the value of collecting. For the article, I interviewed one of my vintage heroes, Carole Tanenbaum, whose personal collections are, in fact, worn by women on Mad Men. The circle is complete.
The October issue of Flare is now on newsstands across Canada. Happy reading!