eos Smooth Spheres ($3.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart)
These irresistible eos Smooth Spheres arrived on my desk a month ago and I’ve been using them religiously, switching through different flavours according to my mood. They are brand new and come in six different flavours, all fruit. My favourite is the Honeysuckle Honeydew, although Lemon Drop, armed with SPF 15, is very handy on those sunny days (if we have any left). Plus, it’s a pretty fun and cute thing to pull out of your bag.

100% Natural Lip Roll-On ($5 at The Body Shop)
Another new, all natural lip product is The Body Shop’s roll-on oils. Yes, it’s for lips, and yes, it’s pure oil. The oils leave lips moisturized with a light sheen — think of it as a non-sticky gloss. I love having these little oils around for other uses as well: as a fresh scent or cuticle oil in emergencies, especially the orange one.
Have you had a chance to try these yet?