Confession: I don’t own a pair of knee high flat boots. Why? I always fall in love with a pair that’s incredibly expensive and everything else fails in comparison. The thing is: when that much leather is involved, cheap tends to look cheap and I haven’t been able to find a pair that looks as luxe in the acceptable cash range. Every fall, I get enamoured with a pair from Chloe and I wait for them to go on sale. And by the time they do, I’m already saving for spring. A vicious circle. An unfair reality. 

Here is this year’s Chloe seduction, a perfection in every way. Flawless leather, flawless colour, flawless shape. That gorgeous metallic ankle cuff on the back…. Oh. Oh. Oh. But blogging about it is almost like buying it, right?
Sure, sure. 

$1,095 (ouch, it hurts!) at Net-a-Porter.

PS. Everyone sing together: “You can’t always get what you want.”