Item of the Week: Alexander Wang Leather/Tulle Shirt

I caught the last half of MTV Video Music Awards last night and was thoroughly annoyed by the over-the-topness (sure, that’s a term) and the try-hardness (also a term) of many of the presenters and performers. The thing is, it’s been a long time since a female pop star came along that really understood her place in the realm of pop culture — and moved things along for the rest of us. It made me miss Madonna. A lot. 
Before pop stars decided that all they needed to do to impress was some gimmicky outfit, or a very bad Al Pacino impersonation, there was Madonna, a true pop icon that dictated things because they mattered to her — and, thus, to us. Through all her many reincarnations (as calculated as they could have been), she always seemed very genuine about it. I remember being a preteen and trying to stay awake past midnight just to catch a glimpse of Justify My Love, Bad Girl or Erotica on MTV (in those days, they actually censored these things), being in shock and awe of her. I understood she was much more than music: she had things to express. She was art; she was everything to me. This one is for you M.
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  • You have just officially made me nostalgic for the good ol days of MTV. When it actually played music videos and pop music was good and the stars, like you said were in fact genuine. Balls, i hate getting old!

  • What, you mean you’re not inspired by the style on “Teen Mom” or “Jersey Shore”???

  • Jessica and Lola,

    Remember MTV’s House of Style? Hosted by Cindy Crawford and then later by Shalom Harlow and Amber Valletta. Amazing show!

  • I’m pretty sure I still have back issues of Seventeen that talked about MTV’s House of Style.

    They don’t make pop stars quite like Madonna anymore. The Immaculate Collection might well be one of the best greatest hits compilations ever. I wonder what the greatest hits compilations for today’s pop stars will look like 10 years down the road.