Summer, at least in retail terms, is over and stores are now fully stocked with fall clothing. While I’ve been continously covering F/W trends and my infatuation with Klein blue, it’s now time to take a look at some of the other colours making their way into our fall wardrobes. Blacks, whites, greys, reds and blues are usually mainstays season after season, but it’s the fun shades that mark specific seasons. Who knows, maybe years from now you’ll go, “Hey, remember the summer of Honeysuckle?” As you know, honeysuckle is the colour of the year and is still going strong for fall, accompanied by some new friends. Let’s look at them in the form of accessories this time around! My fabulous intern Shakeira and I have selected our fave shoe and bags for each shade.
Prada boot; Givenchy bag

One of my favourites is Bamboo, a very warm, almost mustard, yellow. Most prominently seen on the runways of Hermes, Acne and Fendi, Bamboo is a great way to bring a little sun into our wardrobes. I love it in combination with grey and black on this Prada boot (sigh).
Longchamp bag; Pierre Hardy shoe
Hello Emberglow! The lovely child of red and peach. It’s almost a neutral; it won’t overpower whatever else you’re wearing.
Diego Dolcini bag; Pierre Hardy shoe
Honeysuckle demands attention, so, chances are it will overpower everything else. Let it. Again, it was everywhere: coats, dresses, shoes, bags, jewellery… what a colour!
Nancy Gonzalez bag; Christian Louboutin boot
Seems like purple was a big thing around this time a couple of years ago. Well, it’s back in form of Phlox, which I suppose is sort of a classic purple. On the runways, it was presented beautifully by Yves Saint Laurent. I feel like purple is one of those fall/winter things that works best around the holiday season — very festive.
Chloe shoe, Prada bag
Cedar is kind of a soft, warm grassy green. It’s all over the place, mainly in accessories because it’s so lizard-like. I love the colour-block snakeskin texture of the Chloe shoe. Or any of the Prada boots and bags!

Mulberry bag; Balenciaga shoe
I feel that Deep Teal is another colour destined for the holiday season. You’ll be seeing it a lot in silks and sequins (Dolce & Gabbana) come November. A big player in accessories too, from high street to low street, everyone must have something teal. Tip: Nine West has great versions of this colour right now. 
Camilla Skovgaard shoe; Tila March bag 
Sometimes a brown is just a brown. Never excites me that much and Coffee Liqueur is just that: brown. That said, it is a great neutral colour to have in your wardrobe so you can mix it with more exciting ones.

Mulberry bag; Altuzarra boot
Same with Nougat. I can’t tell whether it’s a warm beige or just a beige. Definitely not as exciting as Camel from last year. Anyhow, it’s funny to see how many colours Mulberry can pimp the ‘Alexa’ bag in. Why not Honeysuckle? 

Raphael Young boot; Anya Hindmarch bag
As I’m going through these more muted tones, I’m getting increasingly more negative, haha. Maybe Orchid Hush works better in clothing? 

Nicholas Kirkwood shoe; Fendi bag
Let’s finish on a positive note with Quarry. It’s kind of like Orchid Hush’s more exciting blue sibling — very desaturated and very neutral member of the grey family. Overall I love this colour, particularly in accessory form. Although a coat would be lovely too.
I’ll be revisiting some of these Pantones for Item of the Week and Shoe Wednesdays. Any particular shades catch your eye?