Body Oil Essentials Kit 

I’m addicted to oil…body oil. So much so that it is all I’ve been using in the last couple of months. I feel kind of bad for all the body lotions and creams sitting on my bathroom counter (except for my SPF of course!). I’ve been alternating between six Weleda oils depending on my mood, although I’ve made two special friends called “Birch” and “Sea Buck.”
So why oils over lotions and creams? Well, I did a little chat with Weleda’s Patricia Pol to tell us all about the advantages of oil moisturising.
Weleda also has body lotions, what are some of the benefits in choosing oils over lotions?
Lotions usually have water as one of their ingredients and even though it gets absorbed faster than the oil, oils are more nourishing. (Tip: apply the oil on the skin right after showering – it will absorb faster).
Each oil has a different key benefit, which one would you recommend for a newbie Weleda costumer?
The Sea Buckthorn is my favourite. It’s ideal for the summer; it has a cocktail of fatty acids and antioxidants, which really helps repair your skin. On one hand, you have all the nourishment that make it healthier to be able to deal with the sun and, on the other hand, it will take care of dehydration, it will help the cells turn over.
Sean Buckthorn Body Oil
Yeah, Sea Buckthorn is amazing. Just curious: how come it’s only used in body care and not in facial care?
We’ve started working with Sea Buckthorn about nine years ago and at some point it will come into the facial care. I do recommend the oil to people that have skin discolouration on their face, to spot treat these areas to help the cell renewal process.
Is the Sea Buckthorn the only oil that helps with dark spots?
No, the Wild Rose also does. It’s the property specific to the Wild Rose plant and also of the Sea Buckthorn. It’s the type of essential fatty acid and also Vitamin E.
Birch Cellulite Oil 

How does Birch Cellulite Oil help with the appearance of cellulite?
Birch helps to detoxify. And a lot of that cellulite are little fat deposits that have a lot of toxins. The oil also has rosemary, which helps circulation.
Realistically, how long should a person be using it to really see the difference?
I think if you use it for the entire month — 28 days is the turnover for cell renewal.
Sometimes a true test of the brand is their longevity. As you might know, Weleda has been around for almost a century and they launched the Arnica Massage Oil (smells heavenly!) way back in the 1920s. 
Weleda is available on, and Whole Foods in Vancouver.