I’m going to have to tone down my sky high heels a little. I think the older I get, the lower the pain tolerance is. Or at least, I have to make sure to check in advance whether the event I’m going to has seating available or not. Because, let me tell ya: I was ready to toss my $600+ designer 6″ pumps out the car window last weekend (glad I didn’t).

I did realize that I need to make some serious investments in “normal” shoes (my husband agrees for once). What’s normal? These J.Crew pumps. At “only” 3.5″, they are shoes I will love from day to night, and they will love me back. Cheerful coral colour too!
I’m so jealous that Toronto is getting a J.Crew store! They have everything.
$200 US at Net-a-Porter and J.Crew (in more colours!).

PS. I got them! They are super comfortable.