I already did a little feature on ILIA for Vitamin Daily, but this line deserves a little blog love too! It’s rare to come across a product that is so beautifully thought out, formulated and branded. What’s even more rare is when said product is of Canadian origin — from Vancouver, to be exact. A brainchild of a graphic designer who happens to be a natural living enthusiast, ILIA (named after her great grandfather) strives to fill a gap in the market between luxury and organic cosmetics, providing a quality, natural product that evokes sophistication.
Nobody’s Baby, Dizzy, Shell Shock
ILIA Lip Conditioners are 85% organic (it’s difficult to achieve rich colour without some synthetic ingredients) and packaged in a slick recycled aluminum tube. The formula exists on the lovely line between a lipstick and a lip balm, an ideal combination for those needing just a hint of colour. With pretty shades like the neutral Nobody’s Baby, peachy Dizzy (my fave!) and tropical Shell Shock, I’ve got my summer lip staples.
$24.95 at LYNNsteven and Misch in Vancouver and online at iliabeauty.com.

Have you tried ILIA yet?