Every summer I find a pair of Prada sunglasses to completely obsess over. Last year it was the ‘Postcard’ sunnies, and this year it’s the amazing ‘Baroque’ ones. Prada has some genius marketing with the S/S sunglass collection, from videos to illustrations to photo collages. 
Of course, my favourite is the weirdest one: this stylish bird by Ivo Basignano. The bird lady is wearing the magnificent ‘Deluxe Baroque’ which are so beautifully ornate, but maybe not super timeless (hey, sunnies are an investment!) like the simpler frame.
I just love Prada’s whole concept this time around. So bold, so fun: exactly what fashion should be.
$290 US at Prada
PS. How many sunnies do you own? I only have two pairs (not counting the cheap disposable ones). Shame on me.