Alexander McQueen
Honesty, I had no idea who Suzanne Rogers was (I don’t really pay attention to Toronto society pages) before she was featured on The Coveteur, but now, it’s safe to say that I’m incredibly intrigued (read: obsessed). 
I like to imagine this woman walking around the streets on Toronto wearing all the crazy McQueen garb. You know, just minding her own business. Walking her dog; maybe grabbing some Starbucks.
“I am a collector of all McQueen. There are many pieces I have that have never been worn and are like pieces of art in my closet that one day will be incredible vintage pieces,” she says. I say: Please wear it — someone should! 
Mary Katrantzou
Along with mind-blowing McQueen collection, one can also find a lot of Mary Katrantzou which makes her even more awesome. Makes me think that she doesn’t just collect big names for the sake of collecting big names. She’s cool, right?
And her shoe closets? Ridiculous. I spy YSL, Atwood, Kirkwood, Louboutin, Prada, Chanel, Vivier… I have like two of these! Okay maybe four or five.

If I were her BFF, I wonder if she’d let me share….

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