OMG, OMG, Dirty Uncle Jack is back. Slimmed down and just as wicked as ever. If they weren’t rivals, Chuck and Jack would probably get along very well, most likely sipping brandy in some seedy bar while discussing the meaning of life in their talking-like-Chuck-Bass breathy voices. I’m glad they sort of patched things up. For now, at least.
Constance reunion! Did you catch Isabel and Kati? And where in the world was Nelly Yuki? I am going to consider this an official plot hole. And Charlie, how dare you sneak into Headmistress Queller’s office? You didn’t even go there! The nerve that girl has. I’m going to assume Dan turned down her “Just call me Serena” moment, because I choose to believe that he is still secretly into Blair. Didn’t it seem like they wrapped that up really f-ing fast? Like, why is he not fighting Prince and Chuck over her? Maybe he’ll be the one to save her from Thorpe? I know, I’m desperately holding onto Dan and Blair. Mostly because I want to keep Chuck and Blair for the final season.

Dior F/W 2009 dress
Sequin, Stephen Dweck and Sorrelli necklaces

I’m really not into the Serena/Charlie plot. They really don’t seem to go anywhere. Let’s count Serena’s dead story arcs: 1) Aaron Rose; 2) Poppy and that guy Gabriel; 3) Carter Baizen (love saying his name!); 4) Tripp Vanderbilt; 5) her dad, The Baldwin; 6) hot prof Colin Forrester; 7) Pedo Prof and Miss Porny Eyebrows; and 8) Charlie AKA Single White Female. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, there was that “sex tape” guy that died. So much drama, so little interest. On a positive note: she did look amazing in the black Dior dress. But that pink thing with the chains? Not so much.

Milly coat
Oscar de la Renta scarf
Louis Vuitton bag

As silly as this Royal Engagement storyline is, at least it’s really fun to watch Blair having to live up to someone else’s standards. It’s like, after all this time, she is finally getting a taste of her own medicine. Is she “good enough” to be a Princess? Or, more importantly, how is she going to mess this one up? Will it be her inability not to dabble into highly unethical schemes? Or will it be Chuck?
Alexis Mabille Couture Fall 2010
Sequin earrings
Whatever it is, can we keep her in Alexis Mabille Couture? Please and thanks.
Alexis Mabille Couture Fall 2010

What will the season finale bring? Can’t wait.

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