‘Hostess’ Earrings ($45 CAD)
I can’t praise this line more than I already do (or did in this Q&A from last summer). Since its stellar “Tron” collection (if only the remake was nearly as awesome as the jewellery…) Design + Conquer has gone a bit less alien and hopped on the soul train with brightly coloured compositions inspired by late 60s and early 70s logo designs (they really remind me of the old CBC logo for that reason). 
‘Broadcast’ Earpiece ($150 CAD)

Since our interview, Design + Conquer has been creating a hell of a buzz in the pages of FASHION, Filler Magazine and Refinery 29.
‘Habitat’ Earrings ($80 CAD)
For those just tuning in, designer Morgan Mallett hand crafts these pieces using flexible plastic polymer, which she also hand paints to create the most amazing translucent, yet opulent, colours. I already got the ‘Hostess’ earrings in bright Kelly green and now I want another pair in orange. Tough decisions. 

Design + Conquer is available at Labour of Love in Toronto, AG Silver Boutique in Calgary and online from Etsy, Bellaga and Boticca.