Gossip Girl “Petty in Pink” Fashion Round-Up

I was super excited when I read the title “Pretty Petty in Pink” and I was majorly let down. Not that the episode wasn’t good, but I thought it was kind of a missed opportunity not to reference one of the best teen movies of all time. Oh, well — we got a lot of pink!
And a lot of annoying Serena. I find her insufferable. Having Blair finally call her on her needy bullshit was the best part of this episode. And that Marchesa dress was super ugly, right? I wonder why she left her Spazooie behind? And ‘ugh’ for the cousin too. 

MCL (snake?) cuff
Lily’s gown may not have been one of her finest — too many frills and pleats — but she was all sass this episode. The nerve of Nate’s mom! C’mon, lady, your husband is way sketchier than all the Van Der Woodsen/Rhodes clan combined! Plus, anytime Lily sports a chignon and drop earrings, I’m sold. 
Redux Charles Chang-Lima gown (at Bergdorf Goodman)
Siman Tu tassel earrings (at Sophie’s Closet) 
And finally, the beautiful Blair, in a fluffy and princess-y Oscar de la Renta, who after all this time is enjoying being the centre of everyone’s affections. But I feel the whole Chuck/Dan/Prince thing is going to get so rushed. There are only three episodes left and they are not giving Dan a proper chance (can you tell I’m really into him?). Of course, I want her to end up with Chuck eventually, but they should keep that for the series finale (next year, I think). 
Oscar de la Renta gown (at Oscar de la Renta)
Alexis Bittar bracelet
I look forward to Blair playing “the Commoner” next week while meeting the Grimaldis. Remember, she didn’t even make the “American Royalty” book. Ouch! But how very topical, Royal Wedding and all. 
I don’t want to spoil anything but Blair will be stepping it up style-wise for the next three episodes. We’re talking Alexis Mabille Couture here! There are a lot of balls the girl has to get to!

You know you love me.  

It Girl

PS. Does Vanessa just walk around aimlessly apologising to people? Beats me.

  • Ah! I didnt get to watch the episode and I read your post >_< haha.
    The dresses are beautiful though 🙂

    Also…want to follow each other? I believe in good karma!



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  • Giorgio Moroser

    If this were a true Pretty in Pink episode, Dorota would be Annie Potts.

  • Hmm I thought the episode was “Petty in Pink,” not “Pretty”…?

    Anyway, like you I enjoyed the part where Blair called Serena on how it was always about her, her, her. She’s such an annoying character these days.

  • It’s true, what is up with Serena being all needy and petty? Leave the petty scheming Vanessa S, I much preferred you way back in the day when you seemed normal. I actually didn’t like Blair’s dress.. the shape was pretty, but ugh! that color was just too Barbie for me.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as when Blair told Serena to stop expecting everything to be about her. And she was so right! Hopefully the message went through!

    And I don’t understand Vanessa: Tell on Dan to Serena and then hope Dan will suddenly want to be your friend again? I see no logic. Vanessa might hate that whole world, but I do believe she keeps on creating her own misery! Uh I just want her to leave already!

    I also abslutely loved Lilly getting the police into the party! She has got nerves!

  • Series finale next year??? reallly?? 🙁

    Loving all the attention Blair is having, finally!!! She’s gorg!

  • Lisa, You’re right! It’s “Petty in Pink!”

  • I actually liked Serena’s dress the most, the rest were just too prommy shaped, and unless it’s the perfect shade of pink, makes them look even cheaper.
    Anywho, I don’t expect Vanessa to make many more appearances, she has no fit anymore in all this and Dan was her last chance at having a friends. Plus, who has time for her when Serena’s on the prowl for a next one…calling the Prince’s friend, how pathetic and desperate is that?

  • I LOVED the episode! I was so romantic!