Mary Katrantzou
London Fashion Week excites me the most. I know that the caliber of the designers is not as prestigious as New York, Paris or Milan but I’m always excited to see the crazy prints. I blame it on my BFA in Painting but I sure love a great print! I’m not sure why it’s such a British thing. I asked Emma Cook that very question last year. No one is really sure, but I’m not complaining.  
My favourite of the bunch is Mary Katrantzou, a true print master with impeccable construction skills that help bring a true architectural vision to life. Magical things happen here: a sort of a 3D spatial effect. Just spectacular. 

Then there is Issa, the rising Brazilian-born star of British fashion. I love this collection: sort of a little lady with a very playful side. One could probably dump it on Carnaby Street in the mid-60s and it would do just fine. That’s a good thing in my books.
Holly Fulton
There was a little bit of the 60s thing going on with Holly Fulton too. Her inspiration was, apparently, “Coco Chanel visiting Scotland with her beau, the Duke of Westminster” but that was kind of visibly vague. There were many standout pieces and some very sophisticated silhouettes. I adore this wide leg pant with a very pop-art print. The fur clutch helps too.
Clements Ribeiro

When I think of fall, I think of these terra cotta colours. I think that Clements Ribeiro’s combination of damask and animal prints is short of brilliant: so seamlessly blended together.


And last but not least, Erdem, Canadian pride and joy. At first I hated this grandma’s tacky couch print but, after a couple of more glances, I’ve grown to love it. This dress is beautiful. 
Next week: Milano!