Item of the Week: Danier Leather Shorts

These are kind of great, right? I’ve been so impressed with Danier lately and its quest to youth-ify the brand while maintaining the classic sportswear feel that its known for. Danier recently collaborated with Mark Fast for F/W 2011 for some high-end goodness, but while we wait for that to arrive, Danier’s S/S collection will more than suffice. There are several great pieces that I’ll be posting in the next few months, but I’ll start with these leather shorts.
These are perfect little leather shorts, not too tight and not too revealing (let’s just say that no one will be heading out to a Motley Crue concert in these). Wear now with tights, or in the summer without. 
$249 CAD at Danier (should be in stores any day now). 
  • eeek! they look tiny to me! but if i had the legs maybe…

  • Love these! It’s so hard to find the perfect pair of leather shorts that isn’t bedazzled to death or has weird pockets. I’ll have to make a trip to Danier to try these bad boys on!

  • Nomadic D,

    Haha, I know: they are so tiny. Definitely need the legs… Or very high heels!

  • Nicole,

    I actually thought of you when I saw them!

  • I have been loving Danier lately! Derek and I both bought fantastic leather coats within the past year, and for a great price too!

  • Lola,

    There are lovely spring leather jackets arriving soon in purple and turquoise!

  • Beautiful! I love them and want.

  • Anonymous

    These shorts and all interesting pieces sold at Danier are available only in few selected stores in toronto. I hope they will finally wake up and open an internet shop like everyone.