90s vintage Gianni Versace
Remember when Versace looked like this? Just spectacular. I grew up in awe of these images and the man that created this unbelievable fashion fantasy. The colours, the flamboyance, the supermodels… It was difficult to look away. The images just kept drawing you in.
I recently interviewed Brian Atwood, a legend-in-the-making, for The Block magazine (on the shelves next week!) who began his career as a Gianni Versace protege. I realized that I was talking to someone who was extremely close to the legend himself and this gave me goosebumps. A glorious moment on so many levels.
Since then, I’ve been living through a bit of a nostalgia phase, looking thorough countless images of Linda, Christy or, even before them, Jerry and Gia. As much as I respect Donatella as a designer, Gianni was the epitome of Italian glamour, the kind that dates back centuries. Glorious glamour.
Can you name them all? I can!
So, what do I want? Well, I’ll take anything! But hey — this mini dress is available. Or, at least, it was until a couple of days ago when some lucky broad snagged it! Resurrection doesn’t post their prices publicly, but I’d estimate between $2,500-3,000. Oh well, one day!