Lindsey Wixson at Versace S/S 2011
I’m pretty sure I’ll never have skin as smooth as Lindsey Wixson’s, unless I underwent several chemical peels. But then again, she’s got youth on her side (she is only 16!) and I’m almost double her age (sigh). Well, at least I can try and keep it as smooth as possible. About a year ago, I realised that my sensitive skin is, in fact, too sensitive for traditional scrubs. Instead, I began testing glycolic acid based products and different clay masks (read about a couple of them here). But I’ve also added a couple of new ones in the mix. 
Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk ($24 CAD) and Refining Toner ($22 CAD) at Whole Foods and

First up are couple of new gems from Weleda: a cleansing milk and a toner. They do have a pinch of alcohol in them but it’s balanced out with a hefty amount of moisture and soothing witch hazel. Not drying at all. Plus, they take off everything. And I mean everything! 

Principessa Beauty Amore Afterglow Salt Buff ($30 CAD at BeautyMark)

Body scrubs have become my nemesis over the years. So many of them are way too harsh and my skin gets really irritated. This gentle salt buff from Principessa is a saviour. Not only that, it’s really soothing and it smells delicious (like all Principessa things).

Korres Lemon Lip Scrub ($25 CAD at Sephora)
And finally, something for the lips. I don’t have a big problem with dry flaky lips but it happens every once in a while. I’ve had this scrub by Korres for over a year and I use it every couple of weeks just to maintain the smoothness. Especially before putting on matte lipsticks: you need a blank canvas for that!
PS. I should mention that all of these are natural products.