I love Valentine’s Day. Sure, it’s kind of silly but it’s also such a cute little tradition that dates back centuries. But what I dislike about it is seeing a sea of red and pink outfits having candlelight dinners at my favourite romantic restaurant. Not that there is anything wrong with red or pink, but it’s just a tad too predictable for this occasion. 
Instead, I would go with some pretty lace, the sexiest and most romantic of all fabrics. I love the embroidery on this Alice by Temperley top because it looks like a big heart at the front. How perfect.
It’s not a peekaboo. The top comes with an attached adjustable slip. I also love the little “Fabienne” jacket. Lace on lace: great styling.
$396 CAD at Violet Boutique in Vancouver and £269.95 online at Jules. A great selection of Alice by Temperlay is also available at Shopbop.