Gossip Girl “While You Weren’t Sleeping” Fashion Round-Up

Dan: “What kind of pizza do you want?” 
Blair: “Gourmet, I suppose.”
How did this happen? Why am I rooting for these two? Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf? Crazy. Maybe they have both been Freaky Friday‘d but they make so much sense. Like I said last week: they are both kind of dorky in their own respective ways and intellectually superior to the rest of the gang. Plus, their parents are not married to each other, because that would just be gross. Double gross. 
I’ve been in Blair’s mis-matched, sleep-deprived shoes before many times. Over-ambition, more often than not, leads to failure. Girls gotta learn to chill. Hopefully with Dan Humphrey watching classic films (Philadelphia Story!) and eating pizza. Well, at least she took the fall wearing nearly perfect outfits styled with Blair-approved designers: Alica + Olivia, Milly and Bensoni. Who else is dying over this blazer? Plus, I’ll take mis-matched Roger Vivier shoes anytime!
Alice + Olivia 
Milly dress

Milly top
Bensoni skirt
DKNY tights
two different Roger Vivier pumps

Lily made a stylish return this episode with this stunning Carolina Herrera dress. Notice how she always wears Louboutins? And chignons. And the most gorgeous earrings. I’m quickly losing interest in the Lily/Serena/Pedo Prof storyline since that just means whiny Serena gets more screen time. And now, there is a segueway of that bore fest into the Thorpe/Bass takeover story, which used to be kind of interesting. Great. At least we got more pretty Nate-time out of it.
CH Carolina Herrera dress
Christian Louboutin shoes
Sequin earrings
Sharouk bracelet
Swarovski rings

Argh, she is here for her blazer and her blazer only. I’m tired and pretty close to wearing mis-matched shoes myself and the last thing I want to do is talk about Serena. Or Pedo Prof. Or Vanessa.

L’agence blazer
Collette Dinnigan skirt
Henri Bendel necklace
Hue tights
Yves Saint Laurent pumps

Why did Blair get Eric a Larry Clark print for his 18th birthday? Does Eric have a pervy side? Seems like the most interesting thing we learned about him, in like, ever.

Can’t wait for next week for Dorota to say: “You and Lonely Boy are having an affair!” Methinks Chuck will be flaring his nostrils a lot (you know, like he does when he’s angry).
You know you love me.
It Girl
PS. InStyle, you rock as always. 
  • LOL! Love this. So glad I am not the only one rooting for Blair & Dan, they are the only reason I am watching this show right now. Their Faux/Real friendship is fun to watch. I never thought I would say that. Chuck is boring me right now – and giving his heart to Raina after only a week when it took Blair 3 seasons – gag me.

    Loved Blairs first look. I would wear that in a second.

  • I know! Chuck seems to fall for all the other girls really freakin’ fast: Eva, Raina, that hideous nanny/prostitute… If I was Blair, I would punch him!

  • Giorgio Moroser

    The mom is the only character worth caring about. And maybe the Dinner With Andre guy that Blair’s mom married.

  • In the first series, I was constantly outraged at how mean everyone was to Serena. Now, however, Id like them to do a Jenny style exile on her. Im bored with her and her boring story lines and the loser men she dates and I am also so bored with Lily. What are the ‘best interests’ that she actually has for everyone she appears to keep screwing over? I.dont. get. it.

  • Can you tell me what kind of purse Blair was carrying when she got to the loft? I love it, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  • ugh, serena’s new man is so not attractive. i don’t get it.

    but… love the l’agence blazer. i just tried on a cropped sweater from them in Leone the other day, ouuu i love this line


  • Penelope got the Larry Clark print. Pro B+D <3

  • Lily is marvellous, love her style of a Woman. Still I want Chuck to be with Blair after all these Rainas and Dans and whoever. They’re so cool together. And that old episode with the ring, ummh, so touching.