I wish CW had a picture of Dan because he is getting kind of hot. Did I mention that before? I think I did. I’m going to blame Easy A since he was really endearing in that. Of course, a complete wardrobe by Theory doesn’t hurt. And now poor Dan has to room with pedo prof without ever agreeing to it. Poor guy has put up with Serena’s crap for four years. He deserves better. May I suggest Blair? Please don’t hate me.
But Blair is busy with her new internship at W. She is certainly dressed for the part. Love the first outfit of greens and golds. That Bensoni skirt is amazing. May I also add that her scheming of getting Epperley laid to score a great performance review is kind of brilliant? And Nate would make for a perfect, ahem, gift. You know Chuck would just make Epperley feel dirty and ashamed… 
Alberta Ferretti cardigan
Blair wore a Versus F/W 2010 red mini dress  to what looked like a super boring W party. The Epperley and Nate getting down plan didn’t really work but Blair lucked out by Epperley’s sudden Eat Pray Love moment and was somehow promoted to Stefano Tonchi’s assistant. Okay, this would never ever happen in real life. An intern would usually slave away 3-6 months before securing a masthead-worthy position. 
It’s too bad her first day as a W multiple Blackberry holder wasn’t so hot. Each garment on its own was pretty gorgeous, it’s just a little busy as a whole.
Valentino jacket
Bensoni blouse
Theory shorts
Serena has been giving me serious rage recently, which is why I left her out of the post last week. But so many of you seemed to miss her. Seriously, she is so annoying. Always thinking about herself, falling for every guy that crosses her path. I mean, she has the decency to get all self-righteous with Dan while her ex-convict pedo prof is staying in Dan’s loft. The nerve! I hate that I loved her outfit.

MCL cuff
Shourouk purse

Not much else fashion-wise.
Poor Eric. That kid just can’t catch a break. What do we think of Chuck and Reina? Does anyone miss Vanessa or Jenny? 
You know you love me.
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