Gossip Girl “Empire of the Son” Fashion Round-Up

I’m cheating on Chuck. With Dan! OMG. How did this happen? It’s his hair, I think. It’s come along way since his Lonely Boy days. It’s gotten to a magical Patrick Dempsey stage when all you can think about is running your fingers through it. The sad thing is, I’m not even that embarrassed about it. Well, as long as he stays away from Serena. Serena and anyone associated with her give me instant rage.

shame on me
That was a really good episode! I feel bad for Chuck. Again, the sins of his father came back to haunt him. But now he won’t have Blair to turn to, Serena doesn’t give a s*%t , Nate stole Raina, Lily might be going to the slammer… There will be a lot of nostril-flaring, sad Chuck! I say bring back Eva.
Okay, let’s take a look at the clothes! Blair really knocked it out with the first ensemble. Love the combo of red, white and black — always a winner in my books. I especially love how she paired the extremely ruffled blouse with a long double-strand necklace. So very Chanel.
Tucker skirt
Jill Stuart blouse
Chanel bag
Ikasho hat
Louis Vuitton necklace
The Dior dress she wore to the party was very Blair, soft and pretty. But what really did it for me was the amazing chemistry between her and Dan. Wowza. It’s the ‘opposites attract’ thing, the back and forth banter. The way they think alike: trying to plant a fake rumour with Gossip Girl to underplay their “friendship” and therefore placing such high importance on themselves in midst of actually important scandals. And then, later, the kiss. You just need one to find out if love is real… or several?
Christian Dior dress
Sequin necklace
Giuseppe Zanotti shoes
And there is poor Lily. I can’t judge her. Serena would drive anyone crazy enough to do something like that. If she looks half as good as in an orange jumpsuit as she does in her Elie Saab, we’re good.
Elie Saab dress
Judith Leiber clutch
Henri Bendel ring
The Baldwin’s back! “Time to circle the wagons, Rufus.” What the heck does that mean? What is happening?
I may love Dorota’s “You and Lonely Boy are having affair,” but I know you love me.
It Girl
PS. I love you too InStyle.
  • I’ve said both of these before:
    Lily is perfection and Serena is exhausting – and not just her character, the actual person who plays her, the way she talks, her sad, victimized, curled down mouth, drugged out looking face is truly angering.
    As far as Blair and Dan, I’m loving it, and Blair does have a habit of taking things slow and taunting her interests – remember the back-and-forth with Chuck?

  • PS: I thought Dan was the best looking out of all (guys), from the very beginning. Chuck has his swagger and Nate is too too TOO pretty for my taste 🙂

  • I have to say I don´t like Blair + Dan at all. I think the writers realised that Dan and Blair are the only two left that haven´t hooked up… I mean aparte from that all the guys have already either hooked up or tried to hook up with all the girls that weren´t their sibling.

  • Ummm and I love the Chuck and Lily scenes. Those two sparkle together, just like Rufus and Vanessa. Did you see that tiny smile on Chuck´s face when Lily told Thorbe where he can stick it ?

  • The red/black/white ensemble is classic Blair. Love it.

    I can’t believe this, but I was rooting for her and Dan to kiss the entire episode.

    And Dorota killed it with her one-liners! The way she quoted the magazine article verbatim back at Blair when she said Dorota didn’t even know the painter…LOL.

    She was so much more fun to watch than Serena, who was unbelievably self-centred. I couldn’t believe how she turned Ben’s reunion with his mother into a “me me me” fest,” saying things like “Your mother’s issue is with my mother, not with me” and “Shouldn’t I be given a chance to prove myself to her?” Jebus, the woman’s son is ruined because of you and your family. If she doesn’t want to see you, she’s perfectly justified in doing so.

  • Dorota is hilarious! I loved that line!

    Serena is boring me to tears these days, especially her outfits. That weird beige top with the lace down the front she wore at the beginning? That was awful!!!! And I agree with Lisa-why on earth would the mother want anything to do with her?

    I really wonder if what Chuck heard was true-that his dad set the fire to murder that woman. I don’t think that Lily will get jail time, she’ll just get a huge fine (pennies to her) and then we’ll get to see their reputation be ruined.

    And even though I think Dan and Blair is still a bit weird, he’s always been my favorite guy! He’s a cutie.

  • Anonymous

    I just youtubed the pilot and early season one episodes, what happened to Serena over the past three years?????? Actually, what happened to all of them? Except Blair, who I still like. I agree the beige top with lace and beige cardi was awful….Blaire def has the clothes going on.

  • Great blog! LOVE Gossip Girl and can’t wait for new episodes! How do you pinpoint what every item is?