This was good! Like so good! It had everything: social climbing, fashion, famous cameos and, most importantly, some kind of plot with very witty dialogue. I know we’re going to fight but I kind of love the Blair and Dan chemistry. Do you hate me now? C’mon, you got to admit that they were good in that kind of Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy way. Maybe I’m biased because I enjoy watching Chuck in his sexual escapades. I’m kind of liking Reina too. The scene with the half naked hot guy in her apartment and poor Chuck left at the door… Has Chuck has finally met his match? Of course, that didn’t stop him from giving Blair major SEX EYES at the W party.
Blair started off her day looking promising in a pretty Bensoni dress paired with Miu Miu double bow pumps (I featured them here before). Armed with her signature lace tights, she was ready to take over W. Little did she know that there was a whole room of “slightly lesser versions” of her, and Dan Humphrey!
Bensoni dress
Cesare Paciotti coat
DNKY tights
Valentino bag
Alexis Bittar cuff
Miu Miu pumps
Then, at what seemed like a pretty non-exclusive W party (I mean, everyone was invited to this thing!), she committed the big no-no: the dreaded one-sleeve. Oh, how I hate the one sleeve!  It’s the dumbest silhouette of all time. What happened? You ran out of fabric? I can write a whole post on that (and I will). Anyhow, I loved the Blair/Dan catfight, complete with Stefano Tonchi walking over them just as they get fired by the regal Epperly.
BCBG Max Azria dress
 Gatta tights
Sequin cuff and earrings 


It was shocking that Blair played by the rules and it was Dan that was Blair-ing around. Getting a lot smarter, that one. I have to say, if I had to choose an intern, I would choose Dan. What I’ve learnt in my years in fashion is that the ones that appear like they don’t really care about fashion are usually the ones that are the best at it. It’s true. Plus he did step it up at the party in a Theory suit. 

On the other hand, Blair’s statement that “fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be” is exactly how I think about it. It’s the first thing you see. It’s the object closest, most intimate, to one’s body. I think Blair and I would make great frenemies. 

I liked her getting-rehired-outfit. Cheery and hopeful, thinking of her positive future.

Usai blouse
Organic John Patrick shorts 
Hue tights
Ferragamo belt
J. Lingnau necklace
Ralph Lauren shoes
Chuck looked super mind-blowingly sexy this episode. Did he loose weight? His jawline was looking very delicious. I’m crushing extra hard this week because I learnt that I will be spending a lot of time with Chuck Bass this month. No, I can’t tell you why. It’s a secret.
Theory suit

Raf Simons shirt
Burma Bibas tie
Prada shoes
I don’t really care about Serena at the moment with her just-out-of-jail-maybe-pedo-that-looks-lile-a-Hedi-Slimane-model friend/maybe lover. Why do they even insist on giving Eric stuff to do? That boat has sailed. Where the F is Vanessa? And we need more Nate and his magnificent eyebrows.

This episode marked Jay McInerney’s second cameo on this show as Jeremiah Harris. I should mention that Bright Lights, Big City is one of my favourite books (and movies). He used to be such hot stuff. And a major modelizer.  

You know you love me. 

It Girl

PS. Special thanks to InStyle