Halston steps out with Elsa Peretti and Karen Bjornson, late 70s

There is one designer I’ve always dreamed of wearing for formal functions and especially during the holiday season, and that is Halston. No, I’m not talking about this recent Halston resurgence, although I am happy that the label is going strong and Marios Schwab is doing an okay job. Same cannot be said for Sarah Jessica Parker’s helmed Halston Heritage, which I can’t even look at without an unbiased eye. Sure, some garments may be nice but something about it screams “desperation” to me.

So let’s look at the Halston, the one and only original. By far the first true star of American design, Halston was a genius draper and a glamour maker. Every woman in the 70s wanted to be a Halstonette. Bianca Jagger, of course, was the most famous, the most glamorous one. Oh, to be her then!

Halston with Bianca at Studio 54, late 70s
So a few months ago, in midst of SATC2 awfulness, I decided it would be a good idea to look for an authentic Halston gown. I looked to one of my favourite online window shopping places, Resurrection, and there it was: a long, black silk Grecian gown from the 70s in size 6! Unreal, right? That deep, deep-V decollete (so perfect for my small chest) and the way the slit in the skirt mirrors it? I think it would have my 5’6″ frame look at least 5’9″ (it certainly did the same for Bianca!). Well, about a day later, it was SOLD. Now Resurrection likes to keep it around on the website just to torture me. I don’t even remember the exact price because it was way over my monthly mortgage payment: somewhere around $2,500, I believe.
Halston black Grecian gown, 1970s (around $2,500 at Resurrection)
Another thing: when is Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston going to be released in Vancouver? I’m dying here!