Serena: “You know, he was the only guy to ever say no to me.” Ok, first thing’s first: Why does everyone have fall for Serena? Sure, she is gorgeous and all, but really? The look on the face of Miss Porny Eyebrow’s brother when Serena entered his jail was like seeing an oasis after spending a decade in the desert. Well, I guess he kinda did… Or maybe it’s that Serena showed up in jail wearing a sequin top! Anyhow, every storyline is the same: she destroys lives of men because she is so irresistible? Please. So Damien was a nice geeky kid before he met Serena? His jealousy led him to become a drug dealer?  So Serena has magic powers that turn men crazy? Oh well, I guess I have to live with it. But don’t you wish that for once the plot twist revolved around something other than everyone pining for Serena? I mean, my darling Chuck was in it for like five seconds! So cunningly betrayed by Lily. When did Lily become a villain? My husband is so upset over this. He is majorly crushing on her. The super cute part of the episode: the Blair and Dan team of bickering detectives. Is this the beginning of a new friendship or something more? I say the former.

As far as fashion went, the highlight for me was Serena’s prep school get-up. There is nothing I quite like more than some WASP-y preppy fashions. Also a great shout out to the Constance days.

Boy. blazer
Joie shorts
DKNY tights
Rag & Bone brogues
Brooks Brothers tie
Repossi ring
Be&D bag
Then her second look was a disappointment to say the least. Are those leggings worn as pants? I swear I saw a camel toe on at least two occasions. Plus, isn’t she supposed to be in rehab? Is this what people wear in rehab? Tight metallic sweaters? And giant crustacean-like necklaces?
Salvatore Ferragamo sweater
Vince leggings
Roberto del Carlo boots
Oscar de la Renta necklace
Low Luv rings
Miss B was as adorable as ever. I love her “French detective” outfit, complete with a beret, of course. Blair is not Blair without a bow somewhere — bows and headbands are where she is at her very best. Underneath she wore an amazing Dries Van Noten print blouse. Anything Dries (yes, just “Dries” to me) gets my heart spinning. Good work Blair! 

Eugenia Kim beret
Hue tights
Giuseppe Zanotti pumps
Valentino bow bag 

  Dries van Noten blouse
Ulla Johnson skirt
Alex Woo necklace
I know some of you will hate me but I’ve been really liking Dan lately, personality and looks-wise. I don’t know why this happened but it did. Plus, kudos to him for actually using Gossip Girl for his own gain. Finally using those “New Yorker” chops Dan! “Find the bitch”: even Gossip Girl can’t stand Miss Porny Eyebrows. Is that it? Is she gone? Or will she stick around now that she has redeemed herself? January 24th is so far away! Discuss.

You know you love me.


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