our purge

I survived and conquered!

Well, I didn’t overnight it due to crazy cold weather and snow in Vancouver. Mother Nature really had it in for us Lanvin lovers… damn. My two girlfriends Adela and Michelle and I decided to take our chances at 5am as we heard that H&M was giving out the “you made the cut” bracelets at 6am. So we lined up in our best winter parkas, hats, gloves and boots. It was mother f-ing freezing — I won’t lie! There were about 15 people in line ahead of us, so we knew we’d walk out of there with at least a little something. While in line, we decided to stick to the “sistas before Lanvin” motto and help each other find our key items before splitting up to scout out the rest of the area. One would be in charge of shoes and accessories, one in charge of dresses and one in charge of coats.

Adela and Michelle’s dress
The people in the line were a mix of normals and weirdos, as these things usually go. Everyone was dressed pretty badly (including us) as we were all bundled up in multiple layers of mismatched clothing, so it was hard to tell who actually follows the gospel of Lanvin. Some true standouts: a skinny Asian guy in a leopard fur coat, Uggs and a oversized Balenciaga bag, and a girl in what could only be described as python hot pink iridescent leggings paired with Uggs and a parka, and a girl with a hat that was a bear head. I cannot make this stuff up! Lolz.

Well, about 45 minutes in, we started to lose feeling in our toes. But being newly married pays off (my husband is still head-over-heels) so I called him to bring us extra socks. So he came down around 6:30 with socks, coffees, snacks and with our dog in tow. I have good taste, no? As soon as we pulled the second pairs of socks on, we were given our bracelets that said “10:20,” meaning that we could return at that time and proceed with shopping! So we headed back to my place to warm up, have tea and ended up watching Clueless (anything to keep us awake!).

my well-deserved shoulder bag

In the meantime, my poor husband arrived at 8am for the men’s collection and was elbowed away from each and every item. He ended up getting nothing. Boys don’t play nice.
We headed back around 9:45 and lined up inside the store. Our sad and disappointed faces watched as the last pairs of shoes were being taken away. Our favourite shoulder bag was slowly disappearing. My much wanted necklace was nowhere in sight and long gone. We watched a staff member removing the last pair of oversized sunglasses from the mannequin and given to the girl that kept stinking the line up with her smoking (so rude!). Michelle was starting to have severe anxiety problems as she watched all the fur pieces being violently grabbed by demented shoppers.
It was finally our turn. I ran to the accessories and got one remaining clutch and shoes for Michelle. Adela went after dresses and grabbed each one left in each of our sizes. Michelle grabbed a couple of fur coats. Then we started scouting for other items as a lot of them were being returned from the dressing rooms. I noticed one remaining shoulder bag still on the mannequin and I asked one of the staff if I could have it. She said that they were not allowed to sell items off the mannequins until Monday. Crap. Then I turn around and see the same staff member that was removing the glasses now removing the handbag I wanted. So I exclaim: “I was told that we can’t buy items of mannequins!” He goes: “Who told you that?” I say: “That girl!” He runs over to the manager to double check and says: “You asked first, so you can have the bag. I’m really sorry for the confusion. I’ll go grab the box and bring it to you.” That chick was pissed! But honestly, I did ask for it first! My girls were so proud. And Michelle, somehow, ended up finding another pair of black patent pumps. Score!

Michelle’s pumps

We were off to the change rooms. While we were waiting in queue, there were all these wristband-less “lurkers” waiting around for us to give them our stuff that we didn’t want. But honestly: how unfair would that be for the people that lined up with us that were still waiting for their turn? Ridiculous. They were getting quite grabby and one even peeked into Michelle’s dressing room to scoop out her items. The nerve!

Michelle and I’s dress

I ended up not getting the poofy sleeve dress that I blogged about; it just didn’t look good on me. The cascading ruffle dress looked too much like my wedding shirt so Adela and Michelle ended up getting it in purple. It looks gorgeous on them. I walked away with this black jewelled ruffle dress which wasn’t even on my “must have” list but you never know until you try it, right? It was perfection, and the quality was superb so I knew it was the right piece for me. Of course I ended up getting my much deserved shoulder bag, the pumps (even though they are a little snug and I might have to return them) and a fun t-shirt to have something casual to remember the day by.

my fun little souvenir

Overall, I must say that I was impressed with most pieces in the collection. The silk dresses were gorgeous and very much Lanvin. The accessories and shoes, although I only scored one of each, were the stars of the collection. I also have to commend the H&M staff: everything was so well organized and they were so helpful in the change rooms and even offered to look for sizes. Other than the weirdos lurking around trying to snag our stuff, it was a really fun morning of girlfriend bonding! We headed for a much-deserved brunch and gossip right after. Here’s to sisterhood!
Will there be an “été” collection? I hope so! Thanks H&M and Alber Elbaz. We love you.

PS. I love the shopping bags! Mine is getting framed.