I picked up a white Oclock watch at one of my favourite stores, Walrus, a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been getting so many compliments on it. People seem to be in disbelief when I tell them it only cost $39 CAD. Its clean, minimal and sophisticated design suggests a much higher price than its spiritual predecessor, Plastichic. Designed and manufactured by laboratorio.quattro in Italy, Oclocks are rubbery and weightless. I love that they are unisex (in fact, they come in S, M and L) and could be easily worn with almost anything. And the best part? You can pop out the timepieces and mix and match with different bands! Walrus is the first store to be carrying them in Canada and Oclock’s online store is already sold out. So, if you’re in Vancouver, go get one!

Hint hint: Christmas stocking.

$39 CAD at Walrus in Vancouver.