I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite independent online stores, Sophie’s Closet. It has been the object of my shopping obsession over the past six months and you know just how much I love accessories. I got a pretty Jennifer Behr “Bella” flower for my wedding, a Joomi Lim’s spiked bangle, and a Rachel Leigh “Gumball” ring. There are so many things I want at Sophie’s Closet that I have to pace myself.

Sophie and I first connected over our love of all things Gossip Girl, especially Blair (we agreed that we don’t mind Serena). I soon found out she carried most of the accessories featured on the show, from Blair’s headbands to Lily’s glamorous jewels. In other words, Sophie’s Closet is an accessory heaven! Founded by a former Vancouverite currently living in Dubai, Sophie’s Closet has been in business online for two and a half years and has caught the attention of Harper’s Bazaar, Dubai’s celebrities and fashion insiders. She now has countless clients all over the world, including a couple of princesses (but we have to keep their identities a secret).

Born out of her “love of shopping,” Sophie’s Closet carries some of the best costume jewellery from highly regarded designers like the super hip CC Skye, girlie Rachel Leigh, elegant Jennifer Leigh and sophisticated Bounkit and Siman Tu. Along with contemporary designs, one can also find an amazing selection of vintage from Chanel, Dior, Balmain and from a Canadian legend, Sherman.

The mascot of Sophie’s Closet’s is an illustrated version of Sophie herself, a woman that loves to “live in a world full of pretty things.” A trained graphic designer with an MBA in Marketing, she combined her skills with her love of jewellery, and Sophie’s Closet was born. Why costume jewellery? “In the old days, you bought very expensive jewellery but you wore it all the time. Women had their signature piece and it was okay. Now it’s all about switching it up. There is still a place for fine jewellery — like for your wedding, of course — but even then it’s become hip to mix it up, ” says Sophie.

She has an impeccable eye for selecting vintage. “Carole Tenenbaum inspired me to collect vintage,” Sophie tells me. “I was inspired by vintage Sherman — how something old can still be so beautiful.” What does she look for in vintage? Detail, colour and condition: “If it is in good condition, it means it was made in good quality.” Sophie believes that vintage costume jewellery can be an art form and that every woman with great taste can appreciate its intricate and beautiful detailing, particularly with pieces from Sherman and Dior.

The store also carries contemporary designers Siman Tu and Hassan Bounkit, both designers creating what is bound to become some of most coveted vintage pieces in the future. The craftsmanship of their pieces is astonishing. Sophie has converted many fine jewellery devotees (most importantly, her mother) to costume jewellery.

But no worries, Sophie’s got a rock edge to her. With studded selections from Vita Fede, CC Skye and Joomi Lim, things can get a little dangerous.

And things can also get really cute with Sophie’s love of bows. This is a love that we both share, as I’m sure most girls do… girls like Blair Waldorf, our favourite bow-loving style icon.

Since Sophie and I first connected through my Gossip Girl fashion round-ups, we thought it would be fitting to surprise my readers with something that Blair wore on the show. And we knew that it had to be a bow! In fact she wore it twice: once in blue and once in yellow.

TO WIN (open worldwide) this adorable Rachel Leigh bow bracelet: Head over to Sophie’s Closet, select a piece that you covet the most (other than, of course, this bracelet) and tell us about it in the comments below until December 6th at noon (PST). Happy browsing and good luck!

A big “thank you” to Sophie for donating this amazing bracelet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for our very own Sophie’s Closet. It must be heaven! In the meantime, stay in touch with Sophie on Twitter, Facebook and through Sophie’s Closet blog.