The plot was amazing! Blair and Chuck were so cute. I guess, for now, they are over. Good friends with great benefits, I assume. I should mention that I’m glad the writers never revisited the Blair and Nate romance. It was just all wrong. As is Dan and Serena, considering that they’ve been step-siblings for a couple of years now. Right? Discuss.
As for Serena’s Dan vs Nate struggle, I loved Eric’s Venn diagram! I need two gay men in my life to do this for me. Hmmm… blue shoes vs purple shoes? What are the pros and cons? Brilliant. In this case, however, Blair is right: one needs to be in meditative state, feeding ducks with Dorota. If Serena’s brain was calm and fully functioning, she would realize that Dan is her freakin’ step-brother! Again, gross.

A couple I never mind getting hot n’ heavy are Blair and Chuck. Blair’s Bensoni lace wrap dress was very pretty. I loved the way Chuck unwrapped it, revealing that amazing yellow Marni bra. Of course, at the sight of it, he said “I love you.” And I agree with Dorota, “Mr. Chuck doesn’t seem like a blurter.”

Swarovski necklace
Marni silk-satin bandeau bra and panties (underneath)
Then Blair actually wore underwear as outerwear for Chuck’s masquerade ball. Well, I suppose it worked for the occasion. And did you notice, yet again, that Blair and Chuck were colour coordinated?

Serena’s first outfit was very Serena indeed. I love the Stella McCartney sequin sweater (pretty sure it was not meant to be worn as a dress) and I love the Lanvin cutout pumps!
Stella McCartney sequin sweater tunic dress
Jay Ahr pearl studded blazer
Annalena bag
Lanvin cutout leather pumps
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The logic behind Jenny, Miss Porny Eyebrows and Serena wearing the same Carolina Herrera dress and being indistinguishable is ridiculous. I mean, both Dan and Nate have slept with S and there is no way they could mistake that ridiculous body for someone else. Oh well, I guess Nate had already done that once in Season 1 with Jenny but we have established by now that he may not be the smartest (he’s definitely the prettiest), but Dan is supposed to be a New Yorker published author! I mean, there is no way scrawny Porny and Little J could fill it out like Serena!

Carolina Herrera F/W RTW dress
Carlos Falchi python mini clutch
Swarovski ring and bracelet

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Miss Porny Eyebrows has turned out to be a much better villain than I originally expected. At the moment she is somewhere between Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female and Kathy Bates in Misery. Creepy stuff. What will she do with the helpless drugged Serena? We’ll find out November 29th.

You know you love me.


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