That was really good, right? Our favourite couple is back at it, macaroons and all. Let’s hope they bring back “Anna.” I like them hot and steamy. It brings us priceless conversations like this:

Blair: “What if someone sees?”
Chuck: “You don’t like that anymore?”
Blair: “No, you idiot. What if someone we know sees? This ends here!”
Chuck: “What about over there?”
Blair: “Okay, hurry.”

I noticed that when Blair is with Chuck, bows come back. And in this case, double bows! How cute was that Tibi tweed bow skirt? I just wish she would give up on the Hamilton House key pendant — it just makes me miss her old jewellery. Plus, any club that lets in Miss Porny Eyebrows should automatically be off her list. But really, now at the top of my list: Blair’s Milly bird blouse. I have actually bought numerous Milly items worn on this show in the past. That is how this whole obsession started.

Milly “Selina” bird and bow blouse
Tibi plaid peacoat
Tibi tweed bow miniskirt
Balenciaga F/W 2009 criss-cross pumps
Louis Vuitton F/W 2009 bag
(image courtesy of Gossip Girl Style Guide)
My number one look from this episode goes to Blair’s Ralph Lauren soft blue floral gown. She is back in love (she may call it ‘sex’ but we all know her better) and when Blair is in love, she prefers delicate ruffles and pastel shades. Letting her tough exterior down, I guess. Interestingly, but geekly on topic, a friend and I were discussing Gossip Girl over coffee yesterday and somehow we ended up planning Blair and Chuck’s wedding… well, Blair’s dress, to be exact. I think we agreed she would have to wear Oscar de la Renta. Something soft but classic (think Grace Kelly). In her hair? Some sort of headband/tiara/veil type thing, preferably by Jennifer Behr. Wonder what the guy next to us thought of the conversation? Ha.

Ralph Lauren floral gown (S/S 2008, I believe)
Christian Louboutin triple platform slingbacks

Judith Leiber “Genevieve” clutch

As for Serena, she looked amazing and very Serena-like. I loved the combo of the Tibi tweed blazer and that little earthy floral print mini. I suppose it’s very “boho professional,” a look that works only on Serena.
Tibi “Sebastian” tweed blazer

Of Two Minds floral skirt
Giuseppe Zanotti stitched ankle boots (F/W 2009, I think)

Carlos Falchi bag

I’m having a love/hate relationship with this Zuhair Murad gown. I loved it from certain angles but it also looked kind of tacky in some. I’ve never been a fan of the whole short in front but long in the back thing. It always reminds me of Stephanie Seymour in GnR’s November Rain video and that is not a good association for anyone. Discuss in comments.

And finally, the return of Vanessa as the mean girl. Teaming up with Miss Porny Eyebrows (not only that: we learned that she does her own brows, and also her own hair) and Little J, she is, for some reason on another, determined to take down Serena. But I’m confused: is it because Serena stole both Nate and Dan from her? Seems kind of out of character.
I’m pretty bummed that the hot prof is gone, especially since he turned out not to be evil… I guess he is still on Mad Men (but he plays a rapey husband guy so it’s just not the same). They should have at least left us with one hot sex scene to remember him by….

So to recap…Nate and Dan are both pining for Serena. No one likes Vanessa. It’s like we rewound to last season all of a sudden. Miss Porny, Vanessa and Little J are now a team, a team of girls with bad hair from the wrong side of the tracks. It’s getting good!

You know you love me.


It Girl

PS. Special thanks to Instyle magazine for the tips!