Girl love: Blair and Serena on prom night

You know it’s a sad episode when we have only three outfits to discuss and two of them are Little J and Vanessa’s. Sigh. Overall it was a very sad episode indeed. Pretty sure Juliet got to Serena’s head. Everyone is just messed up. I have no words to describe the disappointment I feel for Vanessa (well, I do but it’s pretty politically incorrect) — you know I was a big supporter of her since the beginning. But damn, was her little Pendleton x Opening Ceremony cropped jacket amazing or what? I was just admiring it yesterday at Gravity Pope, one of my favourite stores in Vancouver. I’m such a sucker for anything tribal and I have a good excuse: I am Canadian! So no judging me, ok? Mixed with plaid? You’re ripping my heart out Vanessa. I love plaid. But I can’t discuss you anymore right now. Let’s just hope Blair gets you good…

Pendleton x Opening Ceremony cropped jacket
Alice + Olivia “Dawn” plaid shirt

Isabella Fiore “Valentina” satchel
Rich Rocks dome ring

Chinese Laundry boots

Doesn’t it seem Little J always fesses everything up anytime someone mildly gets hurt? Ah, that’s the point J: you don’t mess with people unless you want to hurt them! Simple logic. But her brain must be all muddled under ten pounds of bleach blond ringlets. Her look is so confusing to me: quasi-goth with Taylor Swift hair. Makes no sense, just like the character. Maybe that’s the point: teenage girl still looking to “find” herself. I guess she’ll be looking elsewhere since I believe this is the end of Jenny Humphrey for now. See you next year.
Zero Maria Corejo coat
Alexander Wang “Grandpa”sweater
BCBG skirt
Cleobella “Brixton tote
Tania Spinelli boot
Courtney Udelson necklace

Who is Blair’s true love? Serena or Chuck? I say Serena. She doesn’t want to be defined by being with Chuck but it is really Serena that defines her. She is the “ying” to Blair’s “yang.” Okay, I know that was cheesy but, like I said before, for me this show is about girl love. Remember when Blair rushed to see Serena in the hospital in pajamas after Serena and Tripp crashed into a pack of wolves? (I’m still cracking up over that.) The fear on Blair’s face? Girl love is the best.

I’m getting so mushy here that I almost forgot to comment on the amazingness of Blair’s Barneys plaid dress. Oh, so much love!

Barneys New York tartan dress
Lanvin necklace

Louis Vuitton yellow “Vernis” satchel

For the first time in forever, I was rooting for Dan! He was the only one making any sense this episode. What the hell, Lily? Just talk to your daughter like a normal person!

Okay, I’m totally freakin’ out knowing that stupid Damien is back! What does he have to do with Miss Porny Eyebrows? Can Blair take them both down in one strike? I think so!

You know you love me.


It Girl

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