30 Day Challenge Kit ($90 CAD)

I fail at most long-term challenges. I’ve never successfully completed a cleanse without cheating here and there and lost a lot of money buying those month-long yoga challenge things. But when one of my favourite brands, Consonant Body, challenged me with their 30 day initiative, I was in! No dieting, no impossible gym schedules. The deal is this: after 30 days, if you don’t think your skin looks and feels better, Consonant Body will happily issue a refund, no questions asked.

In my goody bag were the Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream, Firming Eye Cream, Moisturizing Organic Eye Cream (extra add on) and Organic Foaming Face Wash. I started using them right away upon returning from my Turks & Caicos holiday. Usually, my skin freaks out from the first sign of a change in climate, so I thought it would be a great time to test a new product. And I’m crazy about their motto!

I have used the Organic Foaming Face Wash before (but in Citrus Bergamot) and already gave it a rave review. Again, to summarize, it’s gentle, yet powerful and leaves skin incredibly smooth. I’ve been using it since the last review but now I think I like the unscented version even better!

I admit I was a little scared of the cream since it contains a lot of ingredients that contain oil. As a person with (formerly) extremely oily skin, I’m always hesitant to try new products that contain oil. I don’t go completely oil-free but there is always an underlying fear when it comes to being a guinea pig. Rest assured, there were no problems with my skin whatsoever. The cream is smooth and non-greasy. In fact, it feels a little tight when you first apply it but after about five minutes, it absorbs nicely into the skin. I think I’ll keep it as a day moisturizer for dryer winter months. Same goes with the Moisturizing Organic Eye Cream. It leaves the eye area so irresistibly smooth.

Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream ($36 CAD)

The star of the line is the Firming Eye Cream which Consonant recommends you use as a day cream. It does the job that it promises: it firms! Definitely won’t be parting with this one any time in the future.

Overall, I was incredibly satisfied with the 30 day challenge. This is a great product! I just have a teeny tiny little wish: I wish there was an SPF option. Perhaps it’s the next step?

Consonant Body is available at BeautyMark in Vancouver. For the complete list of stockists and online shopping, visit consonantbody.com.