When these arrived in my inbox via Noir Lash Lounge, I just couldn’t resist posting them. They are just so adorable. These paper lashes are designed by the Paperself collective, which is set to begin a paper revolution with innovative paper design in furniture and fashion.

Sure, they are a little on the avant-garde end, but not any more so than Shu Uemura. Delicately laser cut, paper lashes come in three forms — horses, peonies and peach blossoms — all in reference to traditional Chinese paper-cutting. They are available in two sizes: full-sized and half-sized to decorate the corners of the eye.

peonies and horses ($23 CAD each)

horses and peach blossoms ($21 CAD each pair)

How cute are they? Perfect for Halloween and the holiday season.

Available in Vancouver at Noir Lash Lounge.