$1420 US

My friend and loyal reader Laura posted these velvet “Beauty” pumps with Swarovski crystal heels on my Facebook page along with the word “obsessed.” She’s got great taste, no? I too fell in love with these immediately after seeing them on the runway. In fact, they were a runner-up for the Fall’s Most Coveted Shoes post. Bad news: they are very expensive, even for Louis Vuitton. Only a couple of pairs come under a grand, with others reaching close to $10,000! Seeing how this collection may be remembered in history as somewhat of a ‘game-changer’, they might be worth every penny. And, I love that they are aptly named “beauty” because, really, could they be called anything else? If I were rich I would buy… these black and blue croc ones.

$9450 US

Available at your nearest Louis Vuitton store (and I’m sure it involves a hefty waiting list).

PS. I promise a cheapie next week!