By this point in the season, you don’t need me to tell you that camel coats are in. They are everywhere. The real camel hair coat is a luxury item that will probably set you over $1,000 (and the Chloe one is the one that we all want, right?). It is something that a woman should invest in, something to carry from season to season. But should and could are not the same, and H&M, always being on top of things, has a couple of great non-camel camel coat options: one structured and tailored, similar to Michael Kors, and the other loose and drapey a la Chloe.

$129 CAD

$179 CAD

Both are beautiful: it just depends what coat silhouette one prefers. In this case, I’m a drapey gal, I think. They are both supposed to hit the racks in late September/early October so make sure you snag one!