Every once in a while (read: all day long) I like to indulge in a little online shopping. I’m always looking for the best deals on everything from clothing to cosmetics to spas. One has to be thrifty sometimes to get all the perks. I was thrilled when I was introduced to TeamBuy.ca. I admit, I’ve never been a huge team player but this is different kind of team play, one that involves getting the best deal. TeamBuy.ca offers a daily deal on everything from yoga classes to spas, retail and restaurants, and as long as the minimum amount of people sign up for it, the deal is on! Easy, right? So far I got a deal where $15 buys $30 worth of beauty services at Pink Lime Salon and Spa, which is perfect for a manicure; $20 buys an $80 4-week kickboxing course at The Powerhouse; and a free frozen yogurt from Qoola (yes, they had a “free buy”)! And yes, I’m getting into kickboxing: I read somewhere that it is what keeps Angelina Jolie so toned but I’m sure she pays a lot more than $20/month!

TeamBuy.ca is offered in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.